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Finding Balance in Frustrating Moments

When dealing with a frustrating moment the other day, I was amazed at how quickly my mood changed. In a matter of minutes, I went from happy to grumpy in response to that experience. It occurred to me that no matter how mindful I feel I may be, something had set me...

Boundaries are Guidelines not Walls

One morning, I received a text from a good friend, definitely someone I consider one of my BFF’s. After reading her message, I experienced both disappointment and happiness at the same time! I must admit it was strange to feel both within a singular moment. So, to...

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The Value of Meditation

I remember the first time I met a person who practiced daily meditation that wasn’t a yoga instructor, or an energy healer. One day at a staff meeting at the Oncology Center where I used to work, our manager announced that through a funded grant an Integrative...

The Value of Saying No

Late one evening, while having a difficult time winding down and falling asleep from a long day, I realized just how frustrated and overwhelmed I really was. I was determined to slow my thoughts down, try to achieve some focus and become aware again. WOW, this was not...

I seriously believe that the key to a happy life is the ability to approach each day with your values in mind and to recognize what is essential to you! Each day is an opportunity to use your values as a standard for making decisions, honoring your needs, being kind to yourself, and setting healthy boundaries! Get ready to balance the complex and crazy schedules we call our lives!  Find out more about Sarah

Thoughts To Inspire You

Focus on what you value.

Drop the word “perfect” from your vocabulary!

Be in harmony with what is important to you!

Tune into your life and be curious about your day!

Bring your mind and body into balance!

Your thoughts create your day.

Life shouldn’t be a chore!

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